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Welcome Siblings! We are Larry Fish and Laura Tobia and we have two brothers with developmental disabilities.  Larry lives in Nashville, TN and Laura lives in Buffalo, NY.  If you have a brother or sister impacted by a disability, you're in the right place! We specifically want to support you as a Sibling growing up in a family with disabilities.  We hope you'll join us as we share experience, strength, and a lot of laughter along the way on our 'not so typical' journey called life.

Fozzy Concert Nashville Sept 30

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Meet the Family

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Billy Fish

Billy was diagnosed with multiple disabilities including cerebral palsy,

mental retardation and a complex seizure disorder. He loves Sesame Street

Mister Rogers & hamburgers.

Laura Tobia


Laura is only girl, older than John & Billy, and just 9 months younger than Larry. Laura is a special education teacher in Western New York.

John-John Fish


John was diagnosed with autism at age 3. He loves to travel - especially to other time zones.

Larry Fish


Larry is the oldest and loves being the "big brother". He is a retired DJ, and lives in Nashville, TN.

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