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Dreams Really do Come True....and it really is 3 hours behind!

John has always wanted to go to California. Well, now he can cross that off his bucket list because that's just where he is right now! (I have received several calls from him asking me what time it was here in Buffalo and then his automatic response is: "Wow, it really is three hours behind here!!")

Larry was able to arrange to take him there for 9 days to visit with our cousin Jason and his family. The picture attached says it all, doesn't it? Just look at him staring at the vast scenery with two thumbs up. Seeing this made me many of us stare at something so beautiful; something we've dreamed about....and give it two thumbs up?? Or, do we dread it? Do we avoid it? Do we dare make it happen? Looking at this photo, I can, I can feel John's genuine happiness and contentment. I can imagine the look on his face without even seeing it. I know in my heart he is THRILLED! A simple thing.....something that some of us take for granted (*just visiting another state) has him completely and simply happy! Seriously, we need to just learn from individuals who have purity and innocence.

This also got me to thinking about our amazing siblings affected by disabilities. What are their dreams and how do we help them make it happen? For John, he dreams BIG! (*He has MANY other states on his bucket list that he would like to visit.....anyone want to take him to Alaska? Or Hawaii?? Just kidding.....maybe.....) A new friend in our lives, Amanda Slobe, has a vision to help individuals impacted by disabilities to travel across the country to visit family, or a destination that they want to see! How amazing! The average Joe just goes on and books a trip if he/she so desires....but they rely on us to help them, but that doesn't stop them from dreaming it does it? They have more hurdles in their lives than you and I have but they still dream it.

So my thoughts are this: What's your dream? Make it happen......go visit where it's "Three hours behind". Or ahead. Or the next day. Or, maybe you dream about your career. Your future. Perhaps an idea you have to invent something? DREAM IT! DO IT! LIVE IT!

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