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Merriam Webster defines the word ferocious as exhibiting or given to extreme fierceness and unrestrained violence and brutality; or extremely intense. In our latest podcast, we admitted with our guest on the show Amanda that as a sibling, we can tend to be ferocious when it comes to our siblings with disabilities. Now, I have not used unrestrained violence or brutality, but I will honestly admit there have been times that I was close and deep down, I wanted to hurt the person that was hurting my sibling. I am glad that my mom and dad instilled and taught us self restraint and control and how to use that ferociousness for the benefit of making a change or teaching someone the right way to handle difficult situations. I have not been perfect....I'd guess none of us are. However, instead of saying I don't want you to be ferocious, I am going to encourage you to BE ferocious......or at the very least, fierce when you are dreaming of, taking care of or loving your sibling.

I encourage you to watch over them with a fierceness that you don't have to apologize for. They may need oversight, help, defense and care that will require you to dig down SO DEEP that you will shock yourself at where that endurance or stamina came from! Allow me to explain: Recently, there was an allegation of abuse against our brother Billy. I do not have many details right now, but the summary of it is this: It was allegedly witnessed that Billy was slapped in the face by his transportation driver. This person that witnessed it was the parent of another individual getting picked up for their ride to their program. Unfortunately, this person has a language barrier and they need assistance themselves in reporting the incident to the proper authorities. We are working through those issues and it has been reported to the NYS Justice Center which is a state oversight for the protection of individuals with disabilities. Upon finding this out, I felt the fire of ferociousness yet again....the one that you feel when something happens to your brother or sister and ESPECIALLY since they can't help themselves, you feel you have to "right the wrong" immediately. The sad part and the truth of the matter is that it will NOT happen immediately and the process to right the wrong is long and involved and it will take a ferociousness on your part that you probably didn't even realize you have. However, let me encourage you right now!! I know you have it in you......fight the good fight. We, as siblings, are tough! We have an endurance and a determination that most don't have. We have been raised in situations that have been under extreme pressure and adversity so we learned to be tough!! Let's use that to our advantage.

I recently began a petition to ask our NYS lawmakers to mandate cameras on all modes of transportation that are used by individuals with disabilities. If this alleged incident happened while my brother Billy was being transported to his day hab, camera evidence would either prove or disprove the claim. I am overwhelmed by the support! The link is here for you to sign the petition: I have a friend who can possibly link me to the Senator I have assigned this petition to so I am hoping for the positive change. Our siblings need our protection. Our devotion. Our love. Our ferociousness.

Be ferocious my friends!!

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